Medical Law Today

For the first time a conference that goes beyond theory and discusses the Medical Law such as is actually, through debate (Position – Contrast) on actual court cases. Spokesmen personalities known for their experience in medical liability cases.


The “Medical Law in Practice” is a conference which will take place in Naxos at the Conference Centre of the former Ursuline School to the Venetian Fortress 10 and July 11, 2015. It is addressed to lawyers and physicians and in order to contribute in everyday legal issues that face the first upon taking medical liability cases. It is organized by the Law Society of Naxos, the Legal Tutorial ‘’ ABOUT LAW’ and website ‘’’’.

The program includes lunch, guided tours tour of escorts, parallel activities for children and long breaks so that speakers and audience have a chance to create a contact network  in the traditional streets and beside the famous beaches of Naxos.


The technique of Medical Law from the most experienced in practice

Upon completion of this ‘’medical and legal tutorial’’ the participant lawyer will know : a) technical psychiatric and medical terms b)what are the important provisions and legal foundations of treatment medical liability or b what pleas in defense to rely c) how The existing provisions applicable by the Greek courts even to disciplinary medical authorities.


Prevention of Medical Liability in everyday practice.

Upon completion of this ‘’medical and legal tutorial’’ the participant psychiatric will receive useful information about a) how should act proactively to cover behind the letter of the law in civil or criminal medical liability issues b) how to ensure administrative authorizations for techniques and machinery, and c) what is allowed and what is not when exercise and advertising profession.

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90.00 EUR

Two-day Ticket


Booking (from 03/06 to 03/07)
140.00 EUR

Two-day Ticket




Ursuline Monastery, Venetian Castle, Naxos